When I Had My Own Mind

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I have recently been struck with the question of how did I figure things out for myself before the internet or social media?

What did I do with out cnn.com to tell me “You have to see this?” Or know what to think was important if I don’t know what’s trending?  How did my life ever make it without hashtags?

It was tough. I had to think. I had to ponder and wonder,  debate and discuss, stare blankly out the window. Had to call a friend and she’d say “I don’t know, what you wanna do,” and I’d answer in kind.

We might have to go to a mall and walk around and look at things besides our phones. We might have to talk to other people and see “what was up.” We might have to settle for just doing nothing.

OMG, It was awful. Thank heavens for the nonstop barrage of what you should do, who you should listen to and what is important for the next twenty minutes or so. Life used to be so exhausting—having to think.


Lessons for the Young

There is nothing we can do more important than passing on the knowledge we have acquired on this planet to the next generation. So I would like to share some things that I learned in my youth.

  • You can’t take a can of Pepsi and cover it with baking soda, put it in the oven and think you’ll get a Pepsi Pie.
  • Chickens can’t fly but people still want to eat their useless wings.
  • Even if you put ketchup on them, french fries that were in your nose should not be eaten.
  • There is no I in team but the shirts are cool.
  • If you get lost in the woods and drop breadcrumbs, the only thing you will get is animals you have to run from.
  • Pancakes with syrup are basically the same calories as regular cake, so don’t pretend it’s a healthy breakfast.

You’re welcome.

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